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Rural Ambassador Awards

The Rural Ambassador award aims to highlight the importance of youth in rural South Australia and in particular, the agricultural show movement. The award provides a great opportunity to give young people a forum to express their views through education and experience and develop closer links with the primary industries in South Australia.


To become a rural ambassador enter this section at the Penola Show. More details can be found at the SA Country Shows Website

Entry criteria for the Rural Ambassador Award can be found here

and entry criteria for the Young Rural Ambassador here

Penola Rural Ambassadors

1998 Bridget Woolston

1999 Simon Fennell

2000 Tania Griffin

2001 Ian Mulligan

2002 Neil Davis

2003 Chandalin McElroy

2004 Sally Lambert

2005 Tara Williams

2006 Alex Bailey

2007 Ashley Braun

2008 Kimberley Galpin

2009 Kate McDonald

2010 Bradley Maney

2011 Hannah Eason

2012 Caitlan Lambert

2013 Missy Prior

2014 Sam Hill

2015 Aimee Galpin

2016 Kate Farlie

2017 Mason Galpin

2018 Jacinta Jenkins

2019 Jake Rowe

2022 Asha Hampton

Penola Young Ambassadors

2007 Cate Lepley

2008 Hannah Eason

2009 Caitlan Lambert

2010 Tom Moore

2011 Heidi Hutchesson

2012 Caitlan Fulton

2013 Jess Hayes

2014 Hayden Lambert

2015 Georgie Beighton

2016 Ella Kain

2017 Bentley Galpin

2018 Lucy Butler

2019 Jess Eastwood 

2021 Will Goodes

2022 Bella Minge

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